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Site Tour

Primary Energy/Cokenergy Plant

3201 Watling Street, East Chicago. IN 46312

DOE Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy

1:15PM - Depart Mart Plaza Holiday Inn, Chicago, Illinois
2:15PM – Arrive at Cokenergy, East Chicago, Indiana
3:45PM – Depart Cokenergy, East Chicago, Indiana
4:45PM – Arrive at Mart Plaza Holiday Inn, Chicago, Illinois


*All visitors should wear closed-toe shoes  
*Visitos clothes might get dirty during the tour. Therefore, please wear clothes you don't mind getting dirty. Jeans are fine.
Travel time should be between 30 minutes and 60 minutes
*Bus transportation to and from Cokenergy is provided to
all who registered for the site tour ($20 fee when registering)
*An informational presentation about Cokenergy will be given on the bus

More information about the tour

Cokenergy LLC is an Indiana registered limited liability company that owns and operates an innovative energy recycling plant in East Chicago, Indiana.  The facility has capacity to produce up to 95 megawatts of electricity totally “fueled” by waste heat recovered from the exhaust gases of an adjacent industrial process.  The electricity is produced with no additional fuel combustion and no additional emissions.  In fact, Cokenergy actually reduces emissions because it also owns and operates equipment that removes much of the sulfur dioxide and particulates from the waste gases before they are emitted to the atmosphere.  The facility operates around the clock, everyday of the year.  The power produced has an environmental profile similar to renewable technologies such as wind or solar, but has a significantly more predictable and reliable load profile.  In addition, the facility is cost effective without the need of government subsidies.

The plant consists of a ninety-five (95) megawatt steam turbine/generator (the “Turbine”), a dry flue gas desulfurization system with fabric filter baghouse (the “Scrubber”), a heat recovery boiler system comprised of sixteen (16) waste heat boilers (the “Boilers”), and associated equipment.  Its purpose is to recycle waste heat from, and remove pollutants from, flue gases generated by an adjacent heat-recovery coke plant that produces very high quality metallurgic coke used by the steel industry in their blast furnaces and produce usable, clean energy. 

The Boilers recover heat from the flue gas received from the heat recovery coke facility and produce steam for delivery to the Turbine.  The Scrubber removes sulfur dioxide and particulates from the coke plant gases after most recoverable energy has been captured by the Boilers and transferred to produce steam.  Cleaned gases are released into the atmosphere via Cokenergy’s 300 foot tall concrete chimney.  The Turbine will extract energy from the steam created by the Boilers and produce electricity and process steam.  In addition, much auxiliary equipment, including transformers, switchgear, cooling tower, pumps, fans, control systems, feedwater heaters, ductwork, piping and wiring, is included to complete the energy facility.  Plant components are all utility and heavy industry grade equipment.  It has been in operation since 1998 and due to the nature of the equipment, remaining useful life is likely more than an 25 years. 

The Cokenergy facility is located “inside-the-fence” of an integrated steel mill in Northwest Indiana.  All output energy, both process steam and electricity, is supplied to the steel mill for its internal uses.  It is estimated that the energy plant supplies 15% - 25% of the steel mills electric needs and 50% - 75% of its process steam needs.

At the time of construction, the combination of the heat-recovery coke plant and the Cokenergy facility was recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency (“US EPA”) as Maximum Achievable Control Technology.  The electricity produced from the waste heat displaces generation from regional utility companies and precludes the production of up to 3,000 tons of NOx, 15,000 tons of SO2 and 800,000 tons of CO2 tons per year when all waste heat is converted to electricity.  In 2007, a year when a substantial portion of the waste heat was converted to process steam and not electricity, the US EPA recognized Cokenergy for carbon emission reductions of 516,442 tons of CO2, which is equivalent to the carbon sequestration capacity of 128,043 acres of forest or equivalent to removing 85,362 automobiles from the road.

For More information about Cokenergy visit its Web site

Some pictures of the plant tour:

Coke Oven Batteries Cooling Towers
HRSG Steam Generator
Plant Tour Visitors Plant Stack
A Plant Tour Visitor More Plant Tour Visitors


For more information about the site tour, contact Sam Rinaldi