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Methane Recovery from Hog Waste Integrated with Combined Heat & Power Technologies: A Waste-to-Energy Workshop for Iowa's Swine Industry
Sioux City, Iowa (November 3, 2004) and
Cedar Rapids, Iowa(November 4, 2004)

The Midwest CHP Technical Assistance Partnerships, in cooperation with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, organized and implemented the two one-day workshops to inform and educate Iowa swine producers and animal science students on the issues and benefits of both methane recovery from hog waste and the integration of methane recovery with CHP. The workshops were sponsored by:

  • US Department of Energy, Midwest Regional Office
  • Iowa Department of Natural Resources
  • Iowa Agriculture Innovation Center
  • Iowa Energy Center
  • Iowa Pork Producers Association
  • Iowa Farm Bureau
  • Kirkwood Community College
  • Western Iowa Tech Community College
  • Alliant Energy
  • Iowa State University
  • Midwest CHP Application Center

The workshops were organized to address Anaerobic Digester technology in the morning session, followed by an afternoon session focused on the integration of the Biogas generated from the digestion process into a CHP system. The benefits of such a system include:

  • Odor Control
  • Nutrient Management
  • Energy Recovery
  • Electric Generation and Heat Recovery for Farm Operations

The workshops also included a session dedicated to where and how the hog producers could obtain both technical and financial assistance when applying these technologies to their farm operation.

Gary Nowakowski (DOE Midwest Regional Office) provided the opening remarks for the workshop, welcoming the attendees and urging them to learn and ask questions of the experts assembled for this event. John Cuttica (MAC) was the workshop moderator and also presented the concept of CHP and how it can be integrated into the swine industry. Steffen Mueller (MAC) was instrumental in the planning of the workshops, preparing four case studies / project profiles, and also participated as a speaker, presenting the Business Case for the integration of Anaerobic Digester and CHP technologies. Representatives from leading companies experienced with methane recovery and CHP technologies, along with representatives from Senator Tom Harkin's office, Iowa State University, the Iowa DNR, Alliant Energy, and the Iowa Energy Center provided presentations and engaged in questions and answer sessions with the audience.

The workshops were well attended. Over 100 representatives from the various segments of the Iowa swine industry participated in the workshops. The attendees included hog producers, packing plants, students, and equipment manufacturers.

The material presented at the workshops can be found below in PDF format. They are arranged in the order in which they were presented at the workshops.


Workshop Agenda (pdf 29Kb)

Iowa Manure Management Planning (pdf 5,431kb)
Gene Tinker, Animal Feeding Operations Coordinator, IDNR

Digester Basics (pdf 496kb)
Dr. Robert Burns, Iowa State University

Animal Waste Becomes a Newable Energy Source (pdf 2,272kb)
Bob Hoffland, Hoffland Environmental, Inc.

Biogas/CHP Workshop From What's Left Behind (pdf 201kb)
Duane Hanusa, Hanusa Revewable Energy

14 Successful Swine Digesters (pdf 1,511kb)
Mark Moser, RCM Digesters

Combined Heat & Power - The Concept (pdf 455kb)
John Cuttica, Midwest CHP Applicatoin Center

Technical Integration of CHP with Digesters (pdf 160kb)
Bob Hoffland, Hoffland Environmental, Inc.

Methane Recovery from Hog Waste CHP Workshop (pdf 481kb)
Jan Scott, Unison Solutions

Methane Recovery from Hog Waste Integrated with Combined Heat and Power Technologies (pdf 109kb)
Dr. Steffen Mueller, Midwest CHP Application Center

Selling Electricity from Biogas Projects (pdf 3,108kb)
Bill Johnson, Manager of Agricultural Services, Alliant Energy

Alternate Energy Revolving Loan Program (AERLP) (pdf 361kb)
Bill Haman, Alternative Energy Revolving Loan Program Manager, Iowa Energy Center

A Discussion of Overcoming the Financial and Legal Constraints of Renewable Energy Applications (pdf 893kb)
Kelley Myers, Grant and Budget Coordinator, Energy and Waste Management Bureau, IDNR

Overview Midwest CHP Application Center (pdf 105kb)
John Cuttica, Midwest CHP Application Center


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